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This is a Magento extension allows the online Merchants create e-invoice for their stores by exporting pdf file of Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos from customizable docx / html templatesMagento Pdf Invoice Flexible is combatible with all of Magento product types and all types of product's custom options.


Why you need an e-invoice extension for your store?

  Magento Default templates of order / invoice / shipment / credit memo are too monotonic and make your customers feel boring and see you are not proffesional.
  With Magento Pdf Invoice Flexible, you can design new templates for your stores by your style and your customers will feel more and more interesting.
  You can use the e-invoice / e-order / e-shipment / e-credit memo that exported from extension like formal invoice / order / shipment / credit memo of your store.

Some sample templates:

  Word templates: for Orders  | for Invoices  | for Shipments  | for Credit Memos .
  Html templates: for Orders  | for Invoices  | for Shipments  | for Credit Memos .

Outstanding features:

  Allow creating and managing easily customizable order / invoice / shipment / credit memo templates in word files (design template in .docx files and upload it into template record of extension) and in html format (design directly in WYSIWYG editor of extension) (Exclusive Feature).
 Allow auto-exporting pdf files of order / invoice / shipment / credit memo from corresponding word or html templates and attaching them into emails that are sent to corresponding customers when store send order / invoice / shipment / credit memo into customer via email.
  Easily in select page size for templates: With word templates, you can setup easily format of your templates are A4, A5, A6 or A7… in MS Word editor and with html templates, you can also select Paper Size are A0, A1,…, A4, A5, A6, A7…, B5, B6,… Letter…
  Allow showing image of items in exported pdf files: You can assign image of items into template and fix size of these images (HOT).
  Allow showing details of payment information in exported pdf files: Auto detecting payment attributes of used payment method (HOT).
  Easily in managing variables and assign them into templates:
  •   Magento Pdf Invoice Flexible has 2 type variables are Base Varibales and Custom Varibales. Base Varibales are hundreds built-in variables of Order Information, Order Item Information, Payment Information, Invoice Information, Invoice Item Information, Billing Information, Shipping Information, Tax Information, Tracking Information… and Custom Variables are combination of many built-in variables that can be defined by yourself (Exclusive Feature).
  •   Auto detecting custom attributes of orders / invoices / shipemts / credit memos from third party (if they are created by magento standard rules) and insert them into Base Variables (HOT).
  •   Allow optimizing generating pdf files by fixing which base variables will be used in each template.
  •   Allow creating custom variables in html format and assigning them into both of word and html template types.
  •   Allow auto-creating required custom variables: Extension will auto-generate some required custom variables for you, example customer_fullname_html, customer_billing_address_html, payment_details_html…  
  Allow assigning barcode into templates (HOT):
  •   Support generating 16 types of barcode like as EAN13, EAN8, Codabar, QR Code… with visual tool and details guide.
  •   Easily in managing format of barcode, assign base / custom variables into barcode structure and show it into templates.
  •   Easily in showing test design of barcode.
  Allow defining templates by sales object and by sales status and even for each customer group: Easily in creating a word template for orders with pending status for General Customers and creating another html template for orders with complete status for VIP Customers…
  Allow showing or filtering pdf files that are generated by each template.
  Allow auto-creating duplication of templates.
  Providing many sample templates for trying and modification.
  When using word templates and you see your order / invoice / shipment / credit memo pdf files have special characters that can’t be showed, you can setup ignore converting word to pdf in module settings. After that, each time word version is generated, you can download it and convert it into pdf version by uploading it into websites provide converting word to pdf service.
  Allow customer get pdf files or word files of order /  invoice / shipment / credit memo in frontend when click button print order / invoice / shipment / credit memo.
  Compatible with all versions of Magento CE & EE since the 1.3.
  User friendly design.
  Open source.

Attention: In case you want to view extension as a store owner, let log in Admin panel (pdfinvoiceflexible / pdfinvoiceflexible123$).

Let try to create an order with your real email and process this order by creating invoice, shipment, credit memo, you will see attached order, invoice, shipment, credit memo pdf files in your email.

Wish you success and have great moments with our products and services.