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This extension allows the online Merchants can create a bargain price system for all of products on their Magento online stores. And then, their customers will can suggest the own new best price for each products that they are interesting. When store administrators accept customer's suggested price, that customer will can purchase product with his/her suggested price. Magento Product Bargain Price is combatible with most of Magento product types (exclude Magento Grouped Product Type because this prodct type has no price) and all types of product's custom options.


Outstanding Features:

  Allow pre-specified customers (by customer group) can suggest new best price that lower than price of store owners.
  Allow NOT LOGGED IN customers suggest new price (HOT).
  Allow customers select the specific options of products to negotiate - all types of options, specially is file option (HOT).
  Allow customers and store owners negotiate price together.
  Allow system auto-accept customer's price when customer's price is greater than the own lowest price of product and customer's desired qty is less than the own max qty of product (EXCLUSIVE).
  Allows setup number days timeout for each bargain price after new price is accepted from customer or administrator (NEW).
  Store owners can fix qty items of negotiating products that customers can add to cart and allow their customers use coupon to get more discount or not (EXCLUSIVE).
  Store owners can analyze potentials from bargain price items: Probability customer will accept price and place order, report information all other customers also bargain price with current product, report information all products that current customer also bargain price (EXCLUSIVE).
  Send notification mail to selected store owners as soon as a new customer's price was suggested or customers accept new price of store owner or cancel price.
  Send notification mail to customer as soon as store owners reply.
  Store owners can re-send the lastest email to customer when view bargain price details (HOT).
  When receive email, customer can click into product url in email and system will auto-login and redirect to product page for customer (EXCLUSIVE).
  Auto-recognize information of Guest when customer click into product url in email (EXCLUSIVE).
  Allow customers purchase the negotiated products with the accepted new price (add those products to cart and place order with new price).
  Statistic number bargain price items by many types (create time - line chart, statuses - pie chart...).
  Compatible with most of Magento product types (exclude Grouped Product Type because this prodct type has no price).
  Open source and easy to customize on frontend design by yourself.

Attention: In case you want to view extension as a store owner, let log in Admin panel (bargain / bargain123$).

Let create a customer account with your correct email and log in with it to demo customer email notification each time you handle with the bargain tool. In case you want demo admin email notification, please go to System > My Account and change user email address to your correct email.

Wish you success and have great moments with our products and services.